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  Automobile lifting machine for automobile maintenance equipment

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As long as there is a car, a car beauty shop will, car repair shop, then the car repair shop must have a lot of vehicle maintenance equipment, the first when the hand is car lift, what is the car lift? How is it classified? What kind of style do you have?

JLY250SC 5T Clear Floor Car Lift

Summary of automobile lift
Auto lift machine is used in the process of automobile maintenance lifting equipment, the car to lift the station, through manual operation can lift a certain height, easy to car maintenance. Lifting machine plays a very important role in the maintenance of the car, and now the maintenance plant is equipped with a lift, lifting machine is the necessary equipment of the car repair plant.
Classification of automobile lift
There are mainly single column type lifting machine, double column lifting machine, four lifting machine.

According to the classification of lifting machine different standards, there are many methods, but the column structure is any one of the most obvious characteristics of lifting machine, which drives the lifting system it is also different user groups to buy the lift of the most important considerations.  

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