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  Balancing tires machine work principles

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With the development of transport, improved road conditions, as well as the speed increased, while driving, wheel imbalance can lead to swinging and beating, especially when the vehicle is higher than 60km/h, this swing beats with a significant increase. The balance of the wheel is very important. Balancing tires machine is more and more useful.

SO firstly we need knowing the balancing tires machine work principle,

These types and quick explanations of how they work are explained below.

                                                Balancing tires

Static Balancer

A static tire balancer is mostly obsolete these days. However, the tire manufacturers do still use them to ensure that the unbalance inherent in every tire is within tolerances. This type of balancer works by sensing only what angle off the center line contains the unbalanced portion. Gravity causes a cone the tire sits on to deflect in that direction. On top of the cone is a glycerin filled chamber with an air bubble. This air bubble will deflect in the opposite direction of the unbalance. How much it deflects will determine whether it falls within specifications. This type of balancer can still be found in shops where older, more traditional mechanics can be found.

Dynamic On-the-Car Spin Balancing

This is the most accurate, yet most dangerous method of tire balancing. The tire and wheel are left on the car, and a ‘hat’ is placed on the wheel and secured. A motor with a wheel is placed against the tire, causing it to spin. Balance mechanisms contained within the hat determine where the unbalanced condition is occurring. There are six friction rings on a snout protruding from the hat. These friction rings are held lightly by the technician, while he rests a hand against the fender, moving weights inside the hat. When the most ideal combination of inner and outer weights is achieved, perceived vibrations will be minimized. The technician then reads the display, which reads graphically, and applies the required weights in the specified positions. He will then usually spin the tire up once again in order to verify his work. If the proper weights and positioning were used, the least amount of vibrations will occur with both inner and outer indicators reading zero or close to it. This type of balancing is highly accurate because the tire and wheel are spun on the car, allowing any vehicle specific issues to be accounted for, such as an off center lug pattern or hub.

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