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  Car maintenance equipment have?

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As we all know, now the society is more and more developed, more and more advanced, some even stay at home can enjoy the service, such as Taobao, only online single, what items you can reach the user home hand on a phone, even a single online, do not go out to eat delicious meals. Many and so on. Again, now the car is already an integral part of life, as everyone pulled the car out of the means of transport, so the car increases, it is need a car repair shop, the rapid development of automotive beauty shop, so we all know that the car maintenance need what tool? What are the common car devices in our daily life? Here, I would like to introduce you to:

JLY250SC 5T Clear Floor Car Lift

Automobile lift
Auto lift machine is used in the process of automobile maintenance lifting equipment, the car to lift the station, through manual operation can lift a certain height, easy to car maintenance. Lifting machine plays a very important role in the maintenance of the car, and now the maintenance plant is equipped with a lift, lifting machine is the necessary equipment of the car repair plant.
Automotive spray booths
The car paint room is generally used for spraying and baking paint, therefore, the exact description of the paint room should be "car spray paint room".
Paint room by mechanical control, can save space, easy to use, while on the forced drying primer, topcoat, speed up the pace of work, improve work efficiency and quality of coating.
Four wheel positioning instrument
Four wheel alignment instrument for wheel alignment parameters and design parameters of the test car, compared with the original, guiding users to adjust the wheel alignment parameters, to meet the requirements of the original design, the ideal car has reached the driving performance, that is easy to operate, stable and reliable running, partial wear and reduce tire.

Due to the variety and variety of vehicle maintenance equipment, strict classification is more difficult, but basically the mainstream industry classification method.

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