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  Why Need to Clean Fuel Injectors

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     Fuel Injectors , from the name itself,  are the devices that "inject" fuel in the fuel-air mixture required for combustion. It atomizes the fuel and turns it into a fine mist by pushing it forcibly through a tiny nozzle in a high-pressure manner. This is sprayed onto the intake valves and into the engine's combustion chamber.


    What is the reasons to clean the fuel injector? This article will share the reasons for your reference. Clean fuel injectors are necessary for fuel economy and peak engine performance. After a certain number of miles, the fuel injector can get clogged, causing it to misfire or sputter. Leftover gasoline in fuel injector nozzles tend to solidify after the engine is turned off. This is called "heat soak" where the fuel residue from the nozzle evaporates, and a wax-like residue remains. Heat soak occurs during the cool down process of the vehicle. This is after the car owner drives the vehicle and the engine is fully warmed up and the gasoline residue is baked to a waxy residue on the injector tip. This occurs when the engine is turned off and no air and no fuel flows through the engine to cool it down and wash it away. After some time, this causes a significant buildup that needs to be cleaned so the engine can function properly.


Ideally, injectors should be cleaned every 15,000 to 30,000 miles. Cars with higher mileage, however, need to be cleaned more often. Old vehicles, especially those that have pintle-style multiport injectors are more prone to these types of problems. Injectors that are exposed to more heat are also vulnerable to clogging. The rule of thumb is the hotter the location, the higher the tendency for the injector to clog. Car owners who do not clean their fuel injectors often experience decreased fuel economy and dirty emissions. Since residue piles up over time, it is important to get this done every so often.

 Why Need to Clean Fuel Injectors

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