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  How to Cleaning Fuel Injectors

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Car owners can get their fuel injectors cleaned by a professional mechanic or do it on their own.While it is always best to follow the instructions that come with the specific cleaning solution, the following is a general method for applying fuel injection cleaners. This may be useful for those who have lost the directions that came with the cleaner. And you can follow the guidance to cleaning the injector step by step.

1. Take out the fuel pump and connect the fuel return line, or insert a U tube so the gas returns to the tank.

2.Detach the pressure regulator.

3. Hook up the cleaning kit to the fuel port, which is located on the fuel rail.

4. Take off the gas tank's fuel cap to make sure that pressure from the cleaning kit does not build up in the system.

5. To ensure that the engine does not turn over, the ignition must be turned. Take extra precautions that the fuel pump is turned off when this is done.

6. Open the valve on the kit canister until the fuel pressure reads the number that matches that for the vehicle. This should be written in the cleaning kit's instructions. It may also be found in the service manual for the vehicle.

7. Run the engine so the cleaner goes through the injectors. Stop when the engine turns itself off or all the solvent is used. This normally lasts for five minutes.

8. Reset the switch for the fuel pump and put the gas cap back on.

9. Reattach the pressure regulator.

10.Turn the engine on and verify that the injectors are working properly by listening for rapid clicking sounds, which verify that the engine is working as it should.


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