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  Collision Repair

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Auto body technicians, also often called collision repair technicians, straighten bent bodies, remove dents, and replace crumpled parts that cannot be fixed. They repair all types of vehicles, and although some work on large trucks, buses, or tractor-trailers, most work on cars and small trucks.

                                    car dent Repair

Auto body repair work has variety and challenges: each damaged vehicle presents a different problem. For example, “unibody” vehicles—designs built without frames—must be restored to precise factory specifications for the vehicle to operate correctly. Using their broad knowledge of automotive construction and repair techniques, repairers must develop appropriate methods for each job.

The Collision Repair Technology department has an up-to-date curriculum that combines theory and hands-on laboratory projects. As a student team member, you will be using dust-free equipment, high-volume/low pressure spray guns, and environmentally safe coatings in a state-of-the-art prep station, paint mixing room and down-draft spray booth.


There are currently over 200 million motor vehicles on America’s roads traveling over two and a half trillion miles each year. Thousands of these vehicles are involved in collisions each day. When accidents happen, we turn to Collision Repair technicians. Some CRT students find jobs as apprentices, repair technicians, estimators, managers, paint technicians, insurance adjustors, and sales reps.


The field of Collision Repair Technology (CRT) is about more than sheet metal replacement and finishing. Collision Repair is experiencing tremendous technological change with modern unibody vehicles, on-board computers, power conveniences, air bags, and a variety of new plastic components. The Collision Repair technician must develop expertise in several areas to get today’s vehicles back on the road…accurate body sectioning, welding, laser measuring, and the use of hydraulic pulling equipment. Each damaged vehicle is unique, providing the technician the rewards that come with using problem solving and artistry.

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