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  Correct maintenance method for automobile tire

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Now  the car is more and more on the road, heavy industrial vehicles, trucks, it is precisely because of these large cars, many newly built road is easy to damage, can also cause a lot of small cars to accelerate the wear of the tire, so we should pay attention to these details and how to protect their car tires?

1, pay attention to the tire pressure: the tire pressure is too high or too low will cause the abnormal wear of the tire, shorten the life of the tire. In the two seasons of winter and summer climate is relatively poor, can be adjusted periodically according to the tire pressure maintenance service station is recommended.
2, as far as possible to avoid rapid acceleration: daily traffic to avoid rapid acceleration. The car is suddenly started from the static state, so that the tire and the road surface friction, to accelerate the tread wear.
3, reduce the urgent brake: the driving behavior of the sudden brake will accelerate the local wear of the tread, easy to cause the phenomenon of the tire from the bag, take off the layer, should be more use of sliding deceleration. Use less brake, especially for emergency brake.
4, uniform speed: control the appropriate speed, uniform driving, so you can avoid or reduce the emergency brake, reduce tire wear and tear, the vehicle on the way to stop and stop, should develop the habit of safety
5, a car pump, in order to protect the vehicle tire, vehicle configuration of a typhoon Rimula pump, not only can regular car tire pressure monitoring, but also in the tire pressure is insufficient, pneumatic tire inflation immediately when the tire pressure is high, may be discouraged, effectively protect the tire

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