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  What is Double Post Lift for Car

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        Do you know what is double post lift for repairing the car? We, Guangzhou Junliye Import & Export Co., Ltd, was sharing about the classification and the single post lift in previous article. Now, let us tell you about what is the double post lift.


        Double post lift is a common tool and a mechanical lifting equipment in the units of auto repair and maintenance.

double Post Lift for Car 

The 2 post auto lift machine will auto lift in the air, at the same time, and also can save floor space. It is more convenient on ground operations. But 2 post lifting machine, with the largest saving material, usually remove the bottom plate. Because there is no bottom, the pillar of the torsion need to offset by the ground.


There are symmetric and asymmetric type. Symmetric lifting machine which likes the length of four arm. This makes the car center in the middle of pillar. Symmetric lifting machine should be the best choice for van truck in the daily maintenance. The columns of asymmetric type lifting machine change backward rotation with a angle (about 30 degrees). And forearm slightly shorter than the rear arm. When the car was parted this kind of asymmetric lifting machine position, and the position of the car and move back a little. As a result, we can easily be in and out from the door. Moreover, the asymmetrical type lifting machine rotating column, can ensure the vehicle's center of gravity location safely between the columns.


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