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  Do You Know the Four Post Car Lift

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For the car lift, we discuss the single and double post lift for car before. Now, our Junliye want to share about another kinds of car lift----Four post car lift. Four-post car lift commonly also is a kind of special mechanical lifting equipment to repair and maintain the car and truck. Four-post auto lift machine is also suitable for four-wheel positioning. Generally, four-post automobile lifting machine has a four-wheel positioning gear, which can be adjusted to ensure its level.

 Four Post Car Lift

According to its structure , the four-post car lift is divided up oil cylinder type and down oil cylinder. The up oil cylinder type refers to four-post lift on the oil cylinder column top (with beam). And the down oil cylinder type cylinder , which is the four post car lift was positioned under tablet. The four-post car lifting machine with the up oil cylinder type mainly rely on four chain to pull the four corners, and pull cylinder at the top. This structure is simple, but itself weight increase.


Most up oil cylinder type is manual or pneumatic lifting when secondary lift for four post lift, and the repairman need to operate under the machine. Therefore, it is not inconvenient and unsafe for the user when secondary lifting. Because the insurance device is pneumatic device, it is troublesome if no air. 


The down oil cylinder type mainly rely on four crude steel sola corners. pull cylinder was positioned under the flat by six disk will convey all around. This kind of structure is more compact to reduce its weight.


The secondary lifting generally is electric hydraulic, and link to the main pump together. You just open change-over valve, it will very quick in speed when up and down. The insurance device is wedge type, four wedge use tie rod linkage to pull (rod) . Then, the insurance device is open, which is convenient and durable.


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