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  Infrared Spary Booth Dryer_Paint Dryer_Curing Lamp

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   Guangzhou Junliye Import & Export Co ., LtdOver 15years global supplier of auto maintenace service company. 

Here is the news of short-wave infrared curing lamp / spary booth dryer_paint dryer_curing lamp CW-1H.

it's a hot sale spary booth curing lamp. it will help you bake the paint of the Vehicles / Furniture / Steel, etc.



Power supply: 200-240V 50HZ

Boot power: 1 x 1000W

Baking area: 650 x 500mm

Temperature: 40-100

Setting time: 0 min-60min (adjust)

Baking distance: 400mm-500mm

Baking time: putty: 4min-6min

Undercoat: 6min-8min

Finish: 8min-15min  


Mechanical timer. 

Intelligent circuit, security and stability

Long lifetime, safe and stable

Fast drying, easy to operate

Standard Stand: long time working with stand fixed.

 Handheld:  flexible hand held as working required

My UK customer Mark who made a order 200 sets CW-1H short-wave infrared curing lamp few months ago. 

His customers are satisfied good quality CW-1H. Now he planning to order one container. 


Above are the details of the model of CW-1H. 

Do you want to know some more best functions of the newest models ?

Such as :

1.Distance Sensor.

2.Temperature Sensor.

3.Ultrasonic pulse.

4.Digital time & temperature & distance LED display.

5.Lamp control independently

6.Microcomputer control

7.Pneumatic lifting.

8. 300 degrees rotate available.

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