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  Do You Know the Operation Rules for Car Lift

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Do you know the operation rule for the Car Lift? It do not strange for the repairman, but Junliye Company is very glad to share the operation rules for the person who do not be familiar with the car lift machine operation rules. Which includes 13 points, and hope it is helpful for you when you prepare for repairing your car.

two car lift

1. Clear up all near unnecessary instruments and sundry before operating the car lift, and check the handle is normal or not.

2. Keep operating mechanism with effectiveness and sensitiveness. Don’t allow the crawl phenomenon on the hydraulic pressure system .

3. Four horns shall be in the same plane when support car, then adjust the Angle of rubber gasket height to contact vehicle chassis parts.

4.When support the car, the vehicle should be not pitched too high, then to lock four bracket.

5. After the lifting vehicle coming, the post car lift should be adjusted on the lifting point of lifting machine.

6. No person on vehicle when it was lifted, then , the lock pin must be inserted into the insurance and to ensure the safety and reliability before your repair the car.

7. Do not repair on the car lift with complicated and heavy work.

8. Do not up and down frequent for the car lift.

      9. Keep steady when supporting the car.

      10. It is forbidden to lift the lifting machine when operating. 

11. If the operating mechanism is ineffective, motors are not synchronized, bracket part is uneven or hydraulic oil leak,all should be repaired with safety before operating.   

12. Keep clean after finishing work.

13. Keep regular checking on the car lift oil cylinder and oil shortage within an half year. Oil shortage should be loaded with the same oil brand. At the same time, to check the lubrication, drive gear and sew of car lift.

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