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  What Factors Affect Painting in the Spray Booth?

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When the painting didn’t achieve the desired effect in the car spray booth, why cause this situation? How can we do will improve the effect in the spray booth? Now, our Guangzhou Junliye Import & Export Co., Ltd., will tell you the factors which affect the painting in the spray booth.

the spray booth

NO.1: To choose the proper coating 

Before the process of the spray booth, the painting technology should be paid attention. In transportation, the coating transparency is poor with turbidity and precipitate phenomenon because of improper operation. Meanwhile, the solvent evaporation, improper operation and oxidative polymerization, which change the viscosity of coating. Then, the viscosity increase. On pigment and extender pigment, inflation will make have adverse reaction between the pigment and makes higher viscosity, even a tofu puffs.

This shows the phenomenon with rough surface, poor fusion. Which abates the painting effect  and it is easy to fall off.


NO.2: The mixing process of coating

The variety of material mixing is insufficiency, it can't has effective amalgamation together for the paint, oil, resin and so on. This will lead to excessive grease phenomenon with the distortion of the color, and the effect of covering power and binding force are not obvious,and not easy to dry. All paint mixing process should be strictly check according to the requirements of the standards, strictly control on each step. To check paint brands, paint manufacturers which is in accord with the requirement of car spray booth or not. And is the paint polluted in the period of using. It will close coating grouping stir well alone if no problem after checking. The stopwatch, measuring cylinder or measuring cup, viscosity cup should be ready, and the curing agent, which according to proportion and standard , should add into the binders. And keep stirring to make the binders and curing agent adequately miscibility. To add proper diluent in them, and perishable robust label should be set up and place it right position. Can only guarantee the performance of the coating itself, to guarantee the quality of painting.


NO.3: Environment impact on the quality of painting

The spray booth is very strict to the requirement of the room.The room temperature should be controlled in 15 to 35 , humidity 35% to 75%. The spray booth room should adopt sealed design. And all the air should be filtrated into the room of spray booth by equipment, to control the air quality.

Besides, the distance of spray gun, gun velocity, size of spray and spray painting overlapping range , all is also one of the influencing factors on the painting quality.

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