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  The principle of automotive paint

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In the 4S shop, car repair shop, in addition to the general vehicle maintenance equipment, large scale will generally have the spray paint room, so we all know that paint room is what to do, but you know it's principle? Now, I'll explain it for you:

Spray Booth


 Spray Booth is generally used to spray paint and baking products, therefore, the exact description of the paint room should be "spray paint room". Do the surface treatment the first spray paint, clean grinding. When spraying, the external air through the primary filtering net filtered by the fan to the roof, and then through the top of the filter net two times after the purification into the room. Air in the room is fully reduced, with the speed of 0.2-0.3m/s downward flow, so that the paint mist particles can not stay in the air, and directly through the bottom of the outlet is discharged outside the room. This constant cycle conversion, make painting room air cleanliness reached above 98%, and into the air with a certain pressure, but a constant flow formed in the car around to remove excess paint, so as to maximize the quality of paint. Paint, paint the door to the location, air circulation, baking room temperature rises rapidly to a predetermined drying temperature (55 C and 60 C). Fan outside fresh air early after filtration, gas chamber heat exchange is sent to the roof with baking heat energy converter, and then after second times of filtration and purification, hot air after air circulation within the role, in addition to small amounts of fresh air, most of the hot air and continue to be heated by the temperature gradually increased, paint room in. When the temperature reaches the set temperature, the burner automatic stop; when the temperature drops to the set temperature, the fan and burner and automatically open, so that the temperature remained relatively constant within the paint room. Finally, when the baking time reaches the set time, paint room, automatic shutdown, paint finish.

The above is about the car paint room principle, you also have a rough, I hope it can help you

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