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  How do the spray booth work ?

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Spray booths and their systems have been critical to our hemisphere's development and defense for nearly a century. They appear in every type of industry imaginable, not only here, but all over the world, and their enhancement of the products produced has meant a higher quality of life for everyone.


Entering door to the spray booth - there are also differences in constructing the entering door. The entrance must make an easy entering possible and after closing the door, it should seal the spray booth so no air with harmful and dangerous substances would get out.

                        Spray Booth


There are two basic ways of making doors. First - double wings door and second - triple wings door. Triple wings door take less place when opening because of the narrow door. One of the door wings works as a service door and must be equipped with a safety lock which allows the door to open under a pressure from inside in case of any crisis situation. When applying a double wings door it is necessary to install a separate service door. Every construction should include a circuital gasket and closing system, eg. bolting to ensure a proper door frame tightening. It is also good if the doors are thermally isolated.

There are two basic phases of work: spraying and drying phase.


The way of working in a spraying phase should be the same for safety and ventilation efficiency. An injection ventilator takes clean air from outside and guides it to the heat exchanger. There the air is heated and guided to the spray booth filtering assembly. Then it goes through the ceiling filters and enters the room with a vertical move up and down depending on the spray booth equipment.


It can also be "squeezed" through grates and floor filters and pushed out through the exhaust ventilation channel placed over the roof of the building (single inlet ventilator spray booth). It can also be drawn in by an extracting ventilator and pushed out through an exhaust ventilation channel over its buildings (double ventilator spray booth: inlet and exhaust) extracting spray booths). The air is deeply polluted that is why it can not be used in heating the spray booth.

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