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  Do You Think The Whole Car Should be in the Spray Booth?

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Today, I have a good friend, who goes to paint his car this afternoon. But the repairman boss told him, it was unnecessary to paint in the car spray booth, just paint it in outside and it is done after dry. He has a lot of confuse about the explain, so the boss continue saying, the main reason to paint the car in the spray booth for no-dust, and there is no difference in inside or outside. Then, he share this thing with me when dinner. Dear friend, do you think about this way to paint the car? Now, we, Guangzhou Junliye Import & Export Co., Ltd., will introduce that how to do is better for the car owners when your in the spray booth or not in.


As we all know, the spray paint machine is a convenient and cheap method for covering large surfaces with a new coat of paint. The downside is that spray paint creates dangerous and noxious fumes that can make it difficult to find a proper location to apply the paint safely. Actually, if the paint reaches a certain temperature without painting process, then adhesion in painting is very poor. And the paint will rub off and also falling paint after a long time. Even fall. off with large chunks in the event of force and collision. Because it would save lot of cost without the working procedure of car spray booth. Therefore, the repair boss bully my friend who do not learn the professional knowledge about the car painting in spray booth.


I have seen a colleague's car was spray paint on the roadside shop, now the bumper paint were falling piece by piece, which likes the ceiling of the scraping porcelain. While there is no this kind of phenomenon when car painting in the spray booth. That is why expensive car painting in the spray booth.

Well, the best painting is also in the room of spray booth, because there relatively is no dust inside the room. And you had better look it when your car spray paint. Because there are a lot of time painting master in order to save trouble, the roof generally do not spray up, just to throw a light.

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