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  The vehicle maintenance shop several tricky

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Many of the most owners will drive, but for car maintenance know less and less, usually open to the 4S shop, on the matter, but their understanding for the vehicle maintenance or maintenance, will suffer a lot less, so it is necessary to learn some knowledge! So next, to share a few small knowledge, we hope to be able to help!

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1, frequent replacement of filters"

We usually set the air filter, fuel filter, oil filter is called filter. A lot of cars every 5000 kilometers or so to do a little maintenance, repair factory maintenance is recommended for each filter, so that there can be more profitable.

Specific recommendations: how many kilometers replacement filter, to use and maintenance as the car. If the car in a small gas station perennial turtle, run rural dirt road in the mountains and hills of 2000 kilometers long drive, should be replaced once.

2, adding unnecessary items

Go to the repair shop to do maintenance staff, often out of a pile of maintenance project, air filter needs to be replaced, the evaporator and the nozzle cleaning is recommended, recommend the use of antifreeze to add carbon cleaning products for cleaning the exhaust pipe and oxidation sensor etc.. Not only the time cost is expensive. The maintenance project also lets the human understand.

Recommendations: some maintenance projects are not required or not necessary to the maintenance of the time. Evaporator, oil and other maintenance content in accordance with the 30 thousand kilometers of travels; mileage temporarily cannot do.

3, maintenance project is not implemented

To the 4S shop or large maintenance plant maintenance, most owners figure is peace of mind. However, some owners of the maintenance of the project have been implemented in doubt

For example, maintenance, some owners choose a more expensive than the original ordinary oil a few dozen of a brand of oil. The results of the replacement, staring at the vehicle owners found the shop workers for the car is still adding oil. And maintenance of the list of items is still a prize of a brand of oil, is not actually added to the ordinary oil.

Suggestion: most of the owners to repair shop for routine maintenance, the intention of reception staff will ask the vehicle maintenance, then the most directly hit a list of maintenance, the owners must check carefully, then confirm the best sign, in person or by monitoring the view maintenance process

4, overdue maintenance have to dig their own pockets

In accordance with the provisions of the vehicle maintenance manual, for the first time after the maintenance, each run 5000km should be back to do a regular maintenance shop 4S. There are the owners do not have regular maintenance according to the regulations, they are told to be at their own expense.

Suggestion: before the vehicle out of the warranty period, the owners attempt to use the original accessories, also do not change related electrical wiring inside the car, to avoid deliberately 4S shop.

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