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  Using a Brake Lathe note things

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one of the simplest automotive maintenance jobs is the repair of the brake system, and a brake lathe can aid this. While it may seem complex at first, it is only appearance. However, despite the overall simplicity of the task it is still one of precision. Poorly maintained brake pads, rotors and disc can cause the vehicle's brake system to malfunction, or at the least make terrible noise as the owner drives around.

Brake Lathe

In the operation of brake lathes, the arbor is inserted into the center hole of the brake rotor and the arbor-mounted rotor is fitted onto the shaft of the spindle and secured with a locking ring. The motor is turned on and the spindle rotates the rotor assembly at a pre-determined speed. The toolpost and bit are maneuvered into place, either by a hand crank or mechanically, to begin scoring the rotor, thereby removing rust, dirt, and debris. As well, the bits will cut minute grooves into the rotor. These grooves are essential to providing the friction between rotor and brake pads necessary to good stopping power.


In addition to bench-type brake lathes, many repair facilities will have on-car lathes which do exactly what a bench lathe does. On-car brake lathes are much more compact than bench lathes and are designed, as the name implies, to be mounted directly to the vehicle, ordinarily on the wheel hub or brake calipers.
Determine the cutting depth needed to true the rotor in one pass and set it accordingly. Use the lock knobs to hold the cutters in place and let the machine do its work

Brake drums are manufactured from iron and one side is machined which is where the brake shoes make contact with it. Over time the brake drums will start to show wear and when the brake shoes are replaced the drum must be machined to provide a smooth surface for the new shoes. Stamped on the outside of a drum is a maximum diameter specification. This measurement can never be exceeded, so if when the drum is machined and it falls within this measurement the drum must be replaced.

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