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  How much is known about the vehicle diagnostic apparatus

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Automotive diagnostic equipment is an indispensable part of the vehicle maintenance equipment, the general 4S shop will have this equipment, then what is the specific performance of it, and how to do it?

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Automotive diagnostic instrument is a specialized equipment for the detection of vehicles, real-time detection of vehicle performance, and the vehicle fault detection, detection of vehicles is a necessary tool

The world's major automobile manufacturers have their own special fault diagnostic instrument. Instrument has a dedicated internal decoder chip. At present, there are a lot of domestic manufacturers to produce a universal fault diagnosis instrument, the use of this universal instrument only needs to choose different decoders, you can use for diagnosis of different manufacturers of cars. But the detection steps are generally the same.

Just open the case, take out the fault diagnosis instrument, insert the decoder. Refer to the test line and the 16 pin test line.

One end of the test line is connected with one end of the diagnostic instrument, and the other end is connected with the 16 pin test line, and the other end of the 16 pin test wire is inserted into the communication socket of the lower left corner instrument panel of the vehicle.

Turn on the ignition switch of the car, enter the start menu of the instrument, select the function of the vehicle diagnostic test, and then determine the. Enter the various functions of the vehicle test, basically can complete the car's engine system, transmission system, brake system, air conditioning heating system, anti-theft system, such as the 39 test system. Select one of them to enter the test interface, respectively, to control the computer model, read the fault code, clear fault code, test the implementation of the original test interface.

Professional vehicle detector: mainly in the face of professional personnel and car repair plant design, with multiple diagnostic functions.


Automotive fault diagnosis system is a very important tool in the maintenance of the general has the following functions:

1, read the fault code

2, clear fault code

3, read the engine dynamic data flow

4, showing the wave function

5, component action test

6, matching, setting and coding and other functions

7, English Chinese dictionary, calculator and other auxiliary functions

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