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  Vehicle maintenance equipment brief introduction

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In the past, due to the restriction of state, vehicle maintenance equipment manufacturing technology and vehicle maintenance technology development of the automobile industry, most of the domestic repair factory by hand, original or simple maintenance equipment for vehicle maintenance, such as the lifting machine and by digging trenches, but rely on professional skills to analyze and exclude the use of analytical instruments for sheet metal, paint by hammering. With the development of automobile technology, improve the growth in car ownership, vehicle maintenance market development, a number of modern enterprises to enter the automotive maintenance equipment industry, started to produce and provide all kinds of professional automobile maintenance equipment, so that the domestic advanced and modern automobile maintenance equipment is a large amount of popularity, there are a large number of exports in the national policy guidance next, the domestic automobile maintenance equipment industry has a thriving development trend. In the professional car maintenance equipment, driven by the car repair technology has also been rapid development and upgrading, the new maintenance technology is used, the industry has become increasingly frequent exchanges

                             vehicle maintenance equipment

Vehicle maintenance equipment can be divided into: automotive diagnostic equipment, testing equipment, maintenance of cleaning equipment, sheet metal, paint equipment maintenance supplies, maintenance tools, tire equipment, machinery and equipment, the vehicle maintenance equipment types and varieties, strict classification more difficult, but the above basically mainstream industry classification method.

Automotive diagnostic equipment, mainly including the automotive decoder, card reader, data flow analysis, special computer, etc..

Detection and analysis of equipment, including test bench, testing line, positioning, detector, leak detector, detection of Taiwan, Taiwan, brake analyzer, endoscope, sensor, oscilloscope, smoke meter and other testing equipment.

Maintenance and cleaning equipment, including automatic gearbox oil cleaning machine, power steering oil machine, grease filling machine, refrigerant reclaiming and filling machine, testing equipment, fuel injector cleaning waxing machine, polishing machine, vacuum cleaner suction machine etc..

Sheet metal baking equipment, including paint room, paint, paint room, light beam correction, gossip, gun etc..

Tire equipment, mainly refers to the balancing machine, tyre dismantling machine, nitrogen machine, vulcanizing machine etc.


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