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  How to Install Vehicle Spray Booth

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For the car owner, it doesn’t strange for the car spray booth. To improve the car appearance, they need to makeup for their cars. The professional mechanic usually use the vehicle spray booth. Do you want to know the how to install the spray booth? Actually, it is not difficult to install the spray booth. And now, Guangzhou Junliye Import & Export Co., Ltd. will share the steps to guide you to install it step by step.


1.Infrastructure is the base of the spray booth, it also is the foundation for the car the spray booth.

2. Set up the foundations of the spray booth.

3. To erect the door plank of the spray booth.

4. To install the draught fan.

5. To install the interior trim panels and roast lamp

6. Checking before using it.

7.Test machine.


The car spray booth needs about 2-3 draught fans, and the designs of spray booth and the draught fan, which need to be considered. For example,

1. The gas water separation settlement should be fully and facilitate cleaning.

2. the water spray nozzle and piping should be easy disassembly, replacement and cleaning.

3. You should pay attention to the structure of water tank and water distribution piping, to make sure a reasonable spray paint room with average flow velocity, horizontal air supply and exhaust system, to ensure indoor micro positive pressure, and uniform spray water thickness.

4. From lower water plate distance to sink the liquid surface, which should be matched reasonably.  


Do you learn how to install the car spray booth now? Hope the sharing from this article help you to know more about the attention when the car spray booth installation. If you are the buyer who plan to purchase the car spray booth now, welcome to contact us Guangzhou Junliye Import & Export Co., Ltd. JLY will offer the best service for you from before-sales to after-sales.

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