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  Wheel Balancer purchase skills you need know

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Wheel balancing machine is an important equipment in automobile maintenance. The wheel in the maintenance process often leads to a number of changes the parameters of the balance in the maintenance process. With the speed of cars continuous improvement, The balance of the wheels also have higher demand. So it is very important to balance the wheel.

                                               Wheel balancing machine

Horizontal balancing machine

The biggest advantages of horizontal balance instrument measured wheel loading and unloading of convenient, mechanical structure and sensing device is simple, cost is relatively low, so our products are very popular to repair and maintenance, is also a model of choice for manufacturers.

But because of the wheels on the cantilever long spindle form a lot of static torque, impact sensing system initialization state, especially the vertical sensor pre-tightening condition, after long time use precision is difficult to guarantee, zero drift is bigger also, relatively low sensitivity, but can entirely meet the requirements of the general operation of the vehicle.

Vertical balancing machine

Vertical balance wheel loading, though less horizontal balancing instrument is convenient, but its wheels quality direct pressure on the spindle center line, not only do not form a powerful moment, and vertical sensor under static load is smaller than the wheel quality.Strain is a big square, such as countertops strain plate, level sensor designed around each one, than horizontal balancing apparatus of the mechanical structure of single level sensor is much more stable.Square strain on the board has multiple empty slot plate to reduce the strain of rigidity, thus greatly improve the sensitivity of the sensor system.Vertical balancing instrument accuracy is extremely high, generally can be up to 3 g, and has good repeatability and stability.

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