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C9350C 500mm Drum Diameter Brake Lathe Machine

  • Introduction:C9350C Brake Lathe Machine, 500mm Drum Diameter, 381mm Rotor Diameter
  • Hotline:0086 13925106748
  • Spindle Travel:6-7/8″/175mm 

    Spindle Speed:70,88,118RPM
    Spindle Feed Speed: 0.002″/0.05mm-0.02″/0.5mm Rev
    Cross Feed Speed: 0.002″/0.05mm-0.02″/0.5mm Rev
    Handwheel Graduations: 0.002″/0.05mm
    Rotor Diameter:7″/180mm-15″/381mm
    Rotor Thickness:1-7/8″/48mm
    Drum Diameter:6″/152mm-28″/711mm
    Drum Depth:6-7/8″/175mm
    Power: 1P/220V / 50Hz,
                  1P/110V / 60Hz,
                  3P/380V / 50Hz, 
    Shipping Weight:290KG

  • Product details

C9350C 500mm Drum Diameter Brake Lathe Machine

C9350C 500mm Drum Diameter Brake Lathe Machine


Spindle Travel  6-7/8″/175mm
Spindle Speed 70,88,118RPM
Spindle Feed Speed 0.002″/0.05mm-0.02″/0.5mm Rev
Cross Feed Speed 0.002″/0.05mm-0.02″/0.5mm Rev
Handwheel Graduations 0.002″/0.05mm
Rotor Diameter 7″/180mm-15″/381mm
Rotor Thickness 1-7/8″/48mm
Drum Diameter 6″/152mm-28″/711mm
Drum Depth 6-7/8″/175mm
Power 1P/220V / 50Hz,1P/110V / 60Hz,3P/380V / 50Hz 
Shipping Weight 290KG
Dimension 970x920x1140mm


C9350C brake lathe is capable of faster,more accurate and easier resurfacing the lathe,Infinitely adjustable feed rates allow you to easily modify cut speeds with the sample turn of a dial.Now you can reduce or incarese the cut-time for best finish results,whether you're speeding through and initial rough cut or single-pass micro-finish.

Packing list

C9350C Standard Accessories

C9350C Standard Accessories
No. Description Qty. No. Description Qty.
1 Storage Case Top Tray 1 20 Centering Cone (66×82mm) 1
2 Storage Case 1 21 Centering Cone74x90mm 1
3 Twin-Cutter Assembly 1 22 Centering Cone85.8x103mm 1
4 Boring Bar 1 23 Spacer /6.35mm 1
5 Hubless Adapter /94mm 1 24 Spacer /12.7mm 1
6 Hubless Adapter /94mm 1 25 Spacer /25.4mm 1
7 Hubless Adapter /116mm 1 26 Self Aligning Washer 1
8 Hubless Adapter /116mm 1 27 Arbor Nut /47.6mm 1
9 Hubless Adapter /146mm 1 28 Small Vibration Band/Rotors 1
10 Hubless Adapter /146mm 1 29 Large Vibration Band/Drums 1
11 Centering Cone (30×44mm) 1 30 Wrench/Large 1
12 Centering Cone (31×57mm) 1 31 Wrench/Small 1
13 Centering Cone (45×70mm) 1 32 Cutting Tips 6
14 Double Taper Adapter34x42mm 1 33 Arbor /φ25.4mm 1
15 Double Taper Adapter35x43mm 1 34 Arbor Spring 1
16 Double Taper Adapter44x52mm 1 35 V-Belt /A610 V-Belt 1
17 Double Taper Adapter52x62mm 1 36 Special Wrench /T9 1
18 Double Taper Adapter62x71mm 1 37 Main Machine 1
19 Centering Cone (59×75mm) 1 38 Lathe Bench(include 20 hooks) 1

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 As a professional manufacture of Disc Brake Lathe, our products is made of high quality material, and its quality meet the International standard with all kinds of certification to prove.

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