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CW-360 Fully Automatic Touch Free Car Wash System

  • Introduction:High & new technology fully automatic car washing system, equip with Chassis and tire blasting, High pressure water spraying, drying, Liquid waxing functions, etc.Energy saving, Cost saving, labor cost saving.
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  • Type:  CW-360 car washing sytem

    Washing step:

    1. Chassis and tire blasting

    2. Detergent 1 (acidic)

    3. Detergent II (alkaline )

    4. High pressure water spraying

    5. Forming

    6. High pressure water spraying

    7. Liquid waxing

    8. drying

  • Product details

                     CW-360 Fully Automatic Touch Free Car Wash System

Specification for  CW-360 car washing sytem:

1. Dimension(L*W*H) : Machine  dimension:3500*1200*900mm High  Pressure Pump System:1250*800*600mm;

Proportioning system:800*450*1400mm.

2. Rail length: 6800-7500mm

Install details:

1.Installation size (indoor length):6600-7500mm

2.Installation size (frame length):6800-7500mm

3.Installation size (indoor width): ≥3600mm

4.Installation size (frame width):≥3800mm

5.Installation (height):≥3350mm

6.Electricity supply:380V/50HZ/22KW

7.Air supply with air compressor:8 bar

8.Machine total power:22KW

9.Water pump motor power:Maximum pressure:100kg

10.Blowers motor power: 20.5KW; total pressure: 11000pa;

air capacity:23000m³/h,energy saving: 10%

11. longitudinal motor power : 370W infinite frequency-convert speed adjust

12.transverse motor power: 400Wdigital step motor

13.Rotation motor power:  400Wdigital step motor

14.Form motor power:  0.75KW

Control system:

1.Detection system: 3D detection system

2.Sensing system: Ultrasonic & absolute value digital encoder

Washing speed:

1.Speed (standard): Longitudinal 450mm/s transverse 450mm/s

3.Speed (fast): Longitudinal 600mm/s transverse 600mm/s

4.Spraying speed: Standard 45s/car fast 30s/car

5.detergent: Standard 40s/car fast 25s/car

6.Car wash: Standard 40s/car fast 25s/ca

7.Liquid wax:  Standard 30s/car fast 29s/car

8.foaming:  Standard 35s/car fast 25s/car

9.drying : Standard 59s/car fast 50s/car

Energy consumption:

1.Chassis cleaning water consumption: Standard 30L fast 30L

2.Water consumption for whole car: Standard 100-150L/car fast 70-100L/car

3.Detergent I consumption: Standard 10-60L/car fast 10-50L/car

4.Detergent II consumption: Standard 10-60L/car fast 10-50L/car

5.Liquid wax consumption: Standard 5-30L/car fast 5-30L/car

6.Forming consumption: Standard 10-40L/car fast 10-30L/car

7.Electricity consumption: Standard 0.6 KWH/car fast 0.9KWH/car


Car washing mode:

1.Standard washing mode: Easy work with one switch touch

2.Fine washing caring mode: Easy work with one switch touch

3.Automatic mode: Self-service with IC card

4.Car-wash without staff mode: Without staff


Proportioning system:

1.Integrated proportioning system: √

Function introduction for CW-360 car washing sytem

1.Chassis and tires Blasting

Cars get dirty and muddy on muddy road or rainy seasons. The dirt may cause harm to car, so better to clean them to protect car and make our driving safer. Special functions of chassis spraying and fan-shaped tires&rims blasting, high pressure at 80kg sprays to clean dirt on chassis/sides /tires.

2.360 degree rotating arm to spray high pressure water and detergents

Rotating arm is designed as car body contour, 360 degree spraying water and detergents at average speed, pressure and distance. Can cleaning car at maximum angle. Only 28 seconds for oneround, water-saving more than 50%electricity-saving more than 60%.

3.360 degree rotating arm spraying detergent
Rotating arm can spray water and kinds of detergents. Innovative foggy spraying, make the best of detergent, saving up to 80%.

Forming is a further step to deal with dirt on car body, to reach good washing effect. No hand work rub to avoid even little damage to car paint. Obvious visual washing effect to give clients strong impression.

5.Liquid waxing
Liquid wax has two functions. First, to make car body look shinny and polishing; besides, as its characteristics of water-repelling, benefiting good drying effect for function of drying.

6.Special in-built swift dryer (drying up in 50 seconds)
Special in-built swift dryer, with big circle air guide, to keep air pressure to blow high enough air pressure onto car body to reach good drying effect for SUV or even sport cars. Drying system include 3 5.5KW and one 5.5KW motor, built in crown block, swift air flow is the best to dry car body up.

Indoor installation Car Washing site diagram (2T water tank and air supply are provided by users)

Out door installation with frame to a fuel station:


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A: Sample is available, costs and shipping will be paid by buyer.


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A: EXW, DDU, FOB, CFR, CIF are available.


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A1: 100% bank transfer.

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