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Tire Replacement CWTC955

  • Introduction:Tire Replacement CWTC955 acquires 2 speed motor (6-12 rpm) that give furious mounting experience to technician as Ferfhana's speed
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 Tire Replacement CWTC955


Tire Replacement CWTC955

Tire Replacement Specification

Detail Images

for demounting tire  Wheel lift

01:Equipped extra assist arm aids for mounting and demounting tire.

02:Wheel lift makes the wheel positioning on the center clamping, almost effortless for the technician.

Bead breaker arm   small control station

03:Bead breaker arm provides strong breaking force and easy to use by single lock to spin the arm on top and bottom position.
04:Removable small control station suits your way of operation.
ULMH  Bead breaker disk

05: ULMH is a new tool that is a hands free lever-less mounting head system.
06: Bead breaker disk is made by special plastic to protect your rim during bead breaker.
Bead breaker arm  Reversed mounting pin

07: Bead breaker arm can demount the bottom of bead
08: Reversed mounting pin, adjustable 3-5 pin, is a standard accessories.

Standard Accessories

Standard Accessories

A:Bead Retainer(1set) F:6 and 8mm Allen key
B:Reversed 3-5pin mounting G: Plastic Cone
C:Normal mounting H:ULMH Protection
D:Shaft+Cone+Nut I:Plastic Bead Lifting Lever
E:Pin Ruler J:Manual
Standard Accessories 2


  • Ferghana- sweats blood horse that is famous on its speedy, rare, resistible and beauty as the most desirable horse of empire kings in China dynasty.
  • CWTC955 acquires 2 speed motor (6-12 rpm) that give furious mounting experience to technician mounting experience to technician as Ferghana’s running speed.
  •  CWTC955 red & Black elegant and bold design presents a muscular, built well Ferghana.
  • CWTC955 works with center clamping system, powerful extra arm and 12000N powerful bead breaker arm that handle side range tire and different kinds of tires such as run-flat tires without damage the wheel.
  • Bead breaker arm provides 12000N force. It is a powerful tool and easy to use by single lock to spin bead breaker arm on top and bottom position.
  • Center clamping system provides extra gripping force. Handles wide range of wheels.
  • Wheel lift makes positioning the wheel on the turntable almost effortless for the technician.
  • Less stress and strain on the operator.
  • Fewer opportunities for damage to the wheels.
  • Automatic mounting head with head positioning system is a hands free lever less mounting head system.
  • Lift bead without use of levers.

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