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Nitrogen Gas Generator JLY730

  • Introduction:Nitrogen Gas Generator JLY730 Fully Automatic; Inflate 2 tires at the same time; 40L N2 storage tank built-in;
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  • Fully Automatic Nitrogen Tire Inflator JLY730

    Nitrogen purity:95%-99%
    Internal Tank:40L or 60L optional
    Air compressor required:8--10KG
    N2 outlet pressure :0~8KG/cm2
    N2 generating speed:35~55 L/min
    Rating input voltage:220V   50/60Hz
    Dimension (W*D*H):620*460*1500MM
    Packing size:  (W*D*H):660*460*1610MM

  • Product details

Nitrogen Gas Generator JLY730


  • N2 inflation for car or mini-bus;
  • Fully automatic;
  • Inflate 2 tires at the same time;
  • Customized setting the tires pressure, beep when inflation completed;
  • Prompting message for low inlet pressure or leakage;
  • ertiary air filter to keep out the impurities;
  • 40LN2 storage tank built-in;
  • Unit reading changed among KPA, PSI, KG&BAR;
  • Nitrogen purity:95%-99%.

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